Instruction to download and use software

Click to download .NETScript for AutoCAD (this package is tested for AutoCAD 2013 and 2014 64 bits).

After downloading the zip package, unzip it to a folder. There is only one file: NetScript.Acad.dll

Open AutoCAD (version 2013 or 2014), type command NETLOAD, browse to the extracted folder, select the file NetScript.Acad.dll to load.

There will be 4 new commands added to AutoCAD:

NETSCRIPT: show the code editor (which supports intellisense and code completion) which is Basic Code Editor by default, users can switch to Advanced Code Editor (still in development). The code editor also supports to load web URL of HTML form or .NETScript file.

NETSERVER: turn AutoCAD into remotely automation, users can use the web browser (point to to remotely drive local AutoCAD.

NETRUN: run the given online URL of .NETScript file (.ns extension) or the given file location on local computer. For example, type NETRUN and give the url link

> : this is a special command, to turn AutoCAD into command line code execution. For example, hit “>” key and Enter, then type code LineX.From(0, 0, 0).To(200, 100, 0) to draw a line. It is just as simple as AutoLISP.

Screenshot of the Basic Code Editor after running command NETSCRIPT: