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Re: Introducing a new AutoCAD programming language and library: .NETScript and AutoCAD.X
Hi Nike,

Thank you for your comment. I hope this website will bring a new future of CAD platform on the web cloud.

Nike Yeezy
from you in the future as well. In fact your creative writing abilities has inspired me.
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Re: Introduction
That's great!
Re: Introduction
That's great!
Re: Introduction
That's great!

Automate AutoCAD with HTML form and .NETScript

Mar 28

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3/28/2013 10:42 PM  RssIcon

.NETScript for AutoCAD has a very interesting feature to load HTML forms inside AutoCAD. This will allow custom applications to host on the remote web server, no need to install to local AutoCAD. So users can access to the library of applications on the web without downloading and installing into AutoCAD.

To get started, after .NETScript is loaded into AutoCAD, type command NETFORM, then type/paste the URL of the HTML form and hit enter. AutoCAD will display this HTML form to start the application.

There is an example of HTML form on this website at the link: 

The code is pretty simple as seen below, not much knowledge about HTML, CSS and JavaScript. We focus on the function draw() that contains .NETScript code which looks very similar to JavaScript:

You can use the above url for NETFORM command, this will display a simple form with a button Draw, after user clicks on it, .NETScript will draw some lines and a circle on the screen. The following is the final screenshot:

HTML provides a markup interface for .NETScript to run on AutoCAD, so users have an option to automate AutoCAD by web forms. Custom applications will be distributed and deployable from the web. Stay tune with .NETScript Code Store for latest code and application web forms.

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